01 July 2012

Summer is Coming

On this rainy day here in Lyon, here is a small list of summer joys I had the chance to taste these past days, with pictures please, to fight the rainy mood...

  • Getting sandals and sunglasses out of the closet after seeing today's weather
  • Visiting wine cellars along the Côtes du Rhône wine road
  • Enjoying the greening and blooming nature
Fig tree from the South of France
  • Taking a walk on the Sunday market and enjoying the sounds and smells of the season
  • Eating ripe tomatoes and local melons
  • Enjoying an exeptional menu in a Ferme Auberge in Provence (a farm that provides a menu from their own products)

  • Going on a sales shopping walk in the paved streets of Lyon's Old Town
  • Bath suit and swimming pool
  • Reading a good book under the sun

  • Drinking a fresh cocktail in a bar terrasse
  • Tasting a wonderfully fresh fruit sherbet after an afternoon of walk
  • Eating tapas with friends outside

What are your little joys for this beginning of the summer season?

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