05 July 2015

Levelled Up 2015 // Mid Year Update

The Last Bookstore // Personal Picture

As you may remember, I have made some level up resolutions at the beginning of the year, and decided to follow up on them regularly to keep on track and avoid forgetting about them by December. As we are halfway into 2015 (already??), here is a mid-year update that may be useful to you in case you are tracking your own level up resolutions this year as well.

23 June 2015

On Change, Goals and Elevators

Downtown LA theater // Personal picture

I recently listened to a TED radio show about time, and was intrigued by one of the themes, animated by psychologist Daniel Gilbert: when do we become the "final" version of ourselves? Do we become who we are meant to be when we reach our life goals? Accomplish our dreams? Perhaps we change constantly over time, and one day realize just how far we've gone, like that evening, as I was stuck in the elevator, somewhere in downtown LA.

14 June 2015

Pieces of Travel Thoughts

"Let's not crash here" // Personal pic, June 2015 - Over Northern Canada

Have you ever noticed how the mind races and random thoughts float around when you travel, or explore a totally unknown land? As if the unfamiliarity of it all awakened the brain and made us more mindful of everything and anything passing our eyes, and mind. As the yearly E3 show starts for me - which means you are unlikely to hear of me next week - here are a few of these floating thoughts for you today.

07 June 2015

Food For Thought // #14

Personal picture

I hope everything is well for you all. I have a few ideas in store for planned posts to scatter across the month of June as we prepare at work for the E3 event - in the meantime, here are some food for thought  links I gathered these past two months. Hopefully you'll find inspiration and sources for discussion in there.

04 June 2015

One Year Later: Simple Consumption

Personal picture // Summer 2014 in Provence

Does it make sense to speak about "simple consumption" when minimalism and simple living is about consuming less and focusing on other life areas? Well, just like a shopping fast is rather a recasting, most people who lead a simple life in our society still need to purchase some items. One year after I decided to start a six month fast experiment, here are a few ideas on what "consumption" bas become in a simple life.

25 May 2015

On Deadline

Personal picture (and personal house friend).

... and other personal mini-news, as the activity gets slower on the Nife.

I feel like I'm sliding over 2015 like a beginner skier, sometimes hard and fast on track, sometimes unvoluntarily jumping over a bump, missing a tree by an inch, trying to stop and sliding backwards, with little to no notion of where I am on the trail. But I'm still thinking of you, and here is an update before I slide away towards the June business travels.

22 May 2015

Beauty, Confidence, and Social standards

Completely unrelated image from a Provence market // Personal picture

It's been some time since I last discussed body image and other self confidence related matters. I find it interesting that engaging in a journey of simplicity may lead to questioning beauty standards and what a healthy self confidence is about. Today, I'd like to ramble about the paradoxical social standards we have about beauty and self confidence, if you may let me induldge in this slip of the no-complaint mini challenge.