01 September 2014

It's Coming

Source: flickr

On Monday, first of September, and official beginning of the "Back to School " season in the city. Late Summer and Autumn - fresh plums, berries, pumpkin soups and roasted chestnuts, cinammon hot chocolates and long, candle-lit evenings. Of course, I already wrote about it, repeatedly, every year. This year, I would like to pause, and think about contemplation and gratitude.

29 August 2014

The Health Files: Quality Ingredients

Personal Picture: Salmon sashimi, miso soup and Tomates-Mozza

After receiving a few questions and comments, I have decided to continue the "Health Files" series, posts mainly around sport and food habits, based on personal experience only as I am neither a nutritionist nor a coach. After the first post on global nutrition ideas, I'd like to dig deeper into the contents of our assiettes, and the importance of quality food, which is more affordable than one may think.

25 August 2014

Fast Month #2: Organization & Care

August Personal Pictures: the repaired 2010 watch, apple & cinammon dessert on seldom used plate, sashimi lunch, ingredients from food stock to prepare hummus

Two months after the start of my shopping fast, I found myself paying much more attention to my collection of items, since buying new things is out of the picture. Even so soon after the start of the experiment, I already noticed some changes in how I consider and treat my possessions. Here are some ideas on how I've been working on making the most of what I own and reducing the need for new purchases.

19 August 2014

The Need for Distraction

Personal Picture // Singapore, June 2013.

As I discovered willpower is a finite resource, I also noticed the brain isn't in full activity all the time. It can only think hard, solve problems or engage in creative activities for so long before it needs down time. In other words, we need distractions, but our consumerist society made sure these distractions were linked to shopping.

10 August 2014

Ever Transitional

Personal Picture // June 2014

Life is always changing, ephemeral, transitional. Japanese call it "Muj├┤", the impermanence, the uncertainty, the transiency of life. Cherry flowers which scatter at the wind right after they blossom. The sound of waves. The smell of freshly cut grass. Seasons, holidays, our student years...

05 August 2014

While I am away...

Source: Instagram @kalygolo

I am flying to Ireland in a few hours for my cousin's wedding. Summers are weddings. Lates twenties and early thirties are weddings. Family reunions, feasts, meeting long lost cousins and fidgeting over what to wear as a guest. I'm counting on Irish beer too, for this one. Here are a few random bits and thoughts to leave you with while I am away for the rest of the week...

03 August 2014

Food For Thought // #10

Artichoke Flower // Personal Picture

Here is the latest Food for Thought post, mainly focused on perspective and how changing our own view of the world can improve our situation and make us happier. My communications teacher used to say: it's like changing your camera lens - the situation itself doesn't change, but you approach it with a different angle.