23 July 2014

The Health Files: Nutrition Basics

Thai Salad // Personal Picture

Today, I'd like to introduce a new post idea: the Health Files. As I chose the path of simplicity, I also started paying more attention to my health, researching various topics, and shifting my daily habits. Although I am not a health professional, and my notes are only the result of personal reads and experiments, I thought it may be interesting to share my findings with you.

20 July 2014

Week-End Notes

Source: Flickr

Before I leave on a business trip to Canada for most of next week, I wanted to share a few musings with you on this beautiful week-end of July. Quick ideas I find worth sharing, but not in a dedicated post each. I hope you'll enjoy these notes of the moment.

18 July 2014

Simple Life: On Social Media

Screencap from my tumblr page

Like most people today, I use a lot of social media sites. These can take up a lot of time with constant checking on the phone, instead of enjoying the moment. I have pared down with simple tricks: turn off push notifications, put the phone away when I'm with people etc., but also by selecting which ones really add value to my life. Here is my simple approach to social media, if it can help.

15 July 2014

Creating New Needs

Source: tumblr

Following the post on Body Care, I have been asked if I could write about beauty products, from a marketing point of view. After examining my own routine, Sephora's shelves, and a bit of research, I have decided to present you the concept of creating new needs, "opening a new market", which seems to be one of the techniques used in the beauty industry.

12 July 2014

Willpower and Epic Fail

Source: Flickr

Almost one month after I bought my last purchase before starting a 6 month shopping fast, I already have an epic fail and subsequent learnings to report. Let's call it a missed start. And the important learning, probably key to succeeding not only in that kind of random fast experiment, but in any habit change, being to manage one's willpower resources.

06 July 2014

On Inspiration & Identity

Inspirational display in downtown LA // Personal Picture

After reading Amanda's latest blog post on curating and jumping on bandwagons, I wondered about inspiration, where our tastes and aesthetics come from - more broadly, what affects our life choices. Does inspiration build our identity, or does imitating other people or keeping up with the Joneses make us drift away from who we really are?

02 July 2014

Simple Life: Body Care

My current bathroom shelf // personal picture

In the Simple Life series, I'd like to present you how I approach various life areas, based on my idea of simplicity I've been refining these past few years. After the reflection around usefulness and aesthetics, here is my current take on body care, and how important this is in a simple life.