27 February 2015

Body Care, Simplified

Clean face towel / orange blossom floral water / organic argan oil / home made deodorant / coconut oil

Eight months after the beginning of my shopping fast experiment, dealing with my beauty product stocks and researching natural alternatives, here is a short overview of my current body care routine, along with a quick explanation of how I got there, in case you are also looking to simplify your beauty routine.

24 February 2015

Seasons: February

Sunset on Winter Trees // Personal Picture

As promised, here is the February seasonal post. These are getting later and later, but there are still a few days to enjoy this short month of the year. In France, February is winter stretching out. Far from the joyful festive season, long past the marvel of the first snow, February's slightly later sunsets echo a longing for spring to come.

20 February 2015

Reasons For Silence

source: tumblr

I barely have time to breathe in, breathe out, and already it is the 20th of February. Life passing like a stream, around rocks, down falls, steaming and foaming, calm like a lake, fast as a gallop. Projects and ideas buzzing like bees into my head, as my energy runs dry under work obligations and February illnesses. But I am not forgetting la Nife, and here are some of the bees, some of the planned posts, hoping to make you think and wait...

09 February 2015

Food For Thought // #13

source: flickr

This Food For Thought post is marked, as you will see, by my exploration of Medium, a great tool to publish longer texts, and full of wise words and little treasures. I hope you will enjoy this selection and find nice reads for your week.

04 February 2015

Call to Action

source: flickr

In marketing, we use very often a concept called "Call to Action". Serving a message or making a service or product known isn't enough, it is about convincing people to actually act upon it. Today, I'd like to present you how to turn this concept of Call to Action into a personal tool to create and maintain good habits.

28 January 2015

Levelled Up 2015 // January

Source: flickr

As I found out with the 2013 New Guest series, doing monthly recaps and evaluations seems to be very helpful to remain mindful about our objectives and habits. By December 2014, I realized I had forgotten most of my new resolutions, so I decided to introduce a new monthly post around the level up resolutions for 2015. A way to keep myself accountable, and maybe inspire you to engage in a similar exercise for your own objectives?

24 January 2015

Shopping Fast // "New Guests"

Ancient Indian fabric Jacket (Sento) - Personal Picture

As many of you had questions following the shopping fast recap, I thought it would be interesting to share with you a sort of "New Guest list" of the type of objects I bought during this period, and, more importantly, to sort them depending on whether they were essentials or not, and whether I'd buy them again after the learnings from this experiment.