15 April 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

Source: tumblr

I have recently been nominated by Eva from the French minimalist blog MinimalEvaBee, which is quite awesome as I love this type of posts as a reader. The timing is also well chosen as I'm striving to put together quicker posts these days while I cross the land of mayhem of moving into a new appartment. One Lovely Blog Award is simple: I'm going to tell you seven things about me. I hope you enjoy the read!

12 April 2015

Minimalist Inspirations

Personal picture.

Since I have little time for detailed posts these days, here is a sort of "Food for Thought" list of links around the theme of simplicity. So that you can go read them while I'm MIA (not that you need me to find things to do on the interwebs).

09 April 2015

Seasons: April (Short version)

L'isle sur la Sorgue, Provence (in June, go figure). Personal Picture

As some of you noticed, I unfortunately skipped the March "seasons" post due to a lack of available time to keep the Nife updated these days. Since April is the beginning of spring, I thought it would be too bad to miss out on this one. However, having little time to write this post, I'll make it shorter than usual. Hopefully you'll still like it.

04 April 2015

Seven Joyful Things

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I found a positive side to being busy with appartment hunting and moving and and being frustrated with having less time to dedicate to the Nife: coming up with new, shorter post ideas to write and plan over the week-end. Creativity blossoms from limitations, is it? Today, an idea sprouted during a pre-move item editing: seven things that bring me joy.

29 March 2015

3 Months Later

Violin & Sheet // Personal Picture

3 months have passed since my Shopping Fast experiment ended. When you  pay close attention to puchases for six months, there is always some apprehension as to how the new habits will turn out - similarly to a food diet in a way. Here are a few observations and learnings from my own experience, 3 months later.

24 March 2015

Gratitude Bits

Source: tumblr

As I still have little time left to prepare full posts for the Nife - anyone who has ever moved will understand, I imagine - I would like to offer today, a few events, moments, things I feel grateful for these days. Hopefully, this will inspire you to look around and find gratitude in your life as well.

20 March 2015

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Source: shutterstock // via IFL science

Since I first questioned my consumption habits - moving back from Japan - eight years passed. Since I suddenly decided to give up my feminine style armor and started actively simplifying my life, four years passed. These days, I'm noticing changes, slight and gradual, which are starting to really show. Today (and you'll see why I chose the solar eclipse day to write about this), I'd like to talk about hobbies and projects, and how simplification helped me reconnect with what matters.