30 July 2015

Food For Thought // #15

Personal picture 2013

As a consequence of a slow two-week vacation (understand, without much travel), I have read and discovered many new sources of learning, inspiration and thought. Here is a little best-of, in case you have a bit of time for light or insightful reads this summer.

26 July 2015

Some Online Editing

The Iron Lady at Dusk // (Unrelated) Personal Picture

One of the benefits of downsizing, editing and culling is to have more time and energy to dedicate to what's left in our lives. That goes with material items of course, but also what to do with how we spend our time. Today, after some thought and planning, I have made a bit of digital editing. Here are a few thoughts if you'd like to do the same.

16 July 2015

A fake?

Dusk lavender, Provence 2013, personal picture.

Sometimes, life runs by and there is barely enough energy to keep up. And sometimes, the stream slows down, and all the little questions and reflections we didn't have time to notice squash us in the face like little rocks and leaves and sticks following us downstream when life was at full speed. Have you ever questioned your legitimity as an aspiring minimalist? I have, and here are a few thoughts about this.

12 July 2015

Favorites #1: June 2015

Image sources: Insight timer, imdb, Jo Malone, Deezer, my instagram

Here is a completely non original post idea today: a list of favourites for the month. Because these are among my favourite articles and videos as a reader. Because there are some discoveries I'd like to share with you. Because I'm grateful for enjoying these in my life.

05 July 2015

Levelled Up 2015 // Mid Year Update

The Last Bookstore // Personal Picture

As you may remember, I have made some level up resolutions at the beginning of the year, and decided to follow up on them regularly to keep on track and avoid forgetting about them by December. As we are halfway into 2015 (already??), here is a mid-year update that may be useful to you in case you are tracking your own level up resolutions this year as well.

23 June 2015

On Change, Goals and Elevators

Downtown LA theater // Personal picture

I recently listened to a TED radio show about time, and was intrigued by one of the themes, animated by psychologist Daniel Gilbert: when do we become the "final" version of ourselves? Do we become who we are meant to be when we reach our life goals? Accomplish our dreams? Perhaps we change constantly over time, and one day realize just how far we've gone, like that evening, as I was stuck in the elevator, somewhere in downtown LA.

14 June 2015

Pieces of Travel Thoughts

"Let's not crash here" // Personal pic, June 2015 - Over Northern Canada

Have you ever noticed how the mind races and random thoughts float around when you travel, or explore a totally unknown land? As if the unfamiliarity of it all awakened the brain and made us more mindful of everything and anything passing our eyes, and mind. As the yearly E3 show starts for me - which means you are unlikely to hear of me next week - here are a few of these floating thoughts for you today.