02 October 2015

On mages, rodents, failure and life calling

Close-up, Autumn 2014.

Prepare yourself for a bout of spontaneous writing today, with a touch of role-playing game analogy and some rodent mind control involved, as I talk about life calling, the fear of failure and the barriers we build for ourselves...

27 September 2015

The Need for Rest

In our ever speeding society, the importance of rest seems to be forgotten more and more. Search "sleep" on TED and you'll find numerous pieces of evidence of the importance of this daily rest, and as many proofs that we are not sleeping enough. But rest isn't only about that. It's about slowing down sometimes, finding time to reflect, look at our own lives, spend time with our loved ones, or simply do nothing and gain a new sense of purpose and meaning.

21 September 2015

Levelled Up 2015 | Back to School Update

Those red trees! circa 2011

We started the year all energized by new Level Up resolutions, as you may remember, which I regularly followed up here as an example of Level Up habit for you guys. After the mid-year update, here is a (slightly late) back to school update.

11 September 2015

The Science of Happiness

Source: The Science of Happiness course

Since the start of this blog, initially built around minimalism and (mostly material) simplification, things have changed quite a bit, and the question of the art of simplicity and its relation to happiness has taken quite some place here. Let me hazard the guess that the quest for happiness and meaning is also interesting for you, who are still following me despite this shift of editorial line. If that's the case, I have the perfect MOOC for you.

01 September 2015

September is Coming

Early Autumn in Auvergne // Personal picture

It all starts with subtle hints and silent clues. A few brown chestnut tree leaves on the sidewalk. The first plums on the market stalls. Some stationary ad billboards creeping into the metro stations. A few more people in the subway tunnels and cars driving around the city. And, then, one morning...

27 August 2015

Favorites #2: Summer 2015

sources: Lumosity, IMBD, Steam, personal pictures

Some of you seem to have enjoyed the first round-up of random favorites, so I have decided to make a sort of series of it, just because some finds are worth sharing. This round-up is mostly cultural, after all summer calls for long reading afternoons and binge-watching series when it's too hot outside.

20 August 2015

A Quest for Meaning

Autumn in my hometown // personal picture (yes I'm starting to long for Autumn...)

I think I may be reaching a point where my simplicity journey is slowly turning into a quest for meaning. As if I had reached a certain level in the "simplicity" class to unlock the "meaning" specialization (sorry for the role-playing game linguo). But what is that quest for meaning and how does it appear in today's world?