27 November 2015

Why Mindfulness is Important

source: tumblr

If you are interested in simplicity and minimalism, you probably heard about mindfulness before. I have broached the subject myself, about mindfulness and habits, or meditation for example. One could think it is a part of the trend, but I came to believe there is something really important in the idea of being mindful. Here are my two cents.

21 November 2015

Food For Thought // #16


By Mark Manson - 10 Life Lessons to Excel in your 30s

In the previous round-up, I mentioned one of Mark Manson's articles about what he learned in his 20s, which is useful for all ages of course, but made me want to know what I would advise my 30 year-old self as I'm preparing to reach that age.

18 November 2015

The Feel Better List


We all know these moments in life. When the mood isn't at its best. Sadness is a part of life, and it would be a mistake to think happiness is a state of constant pleasure and joy. I do think happy people learn to be more resilient in the face of harder moments of life. Here is a feel better list for you, because we might all need a bit of it these days.

14 November 2015

In the face of hardship

We all know there is a dark side to humanity. And sometimes, one gets reminded of this close, so close to home. In the face of such hardship, what can we do? I refuse to give up to anger and cynism on this sad day. In the face of hardship, it is important to focus on the good.

The #PorteOuverte hashtag was born just minutes after the attacks, Parisians offering to shelter people in their homes. We received support from all around the world. Messages flow from friends and family. In the face of hardship, humans cooperate, support each other, stand up to evil. In the face of hardship, we are one. This time, I want to keep faith in humanity, see the positive emerge from hardship.

PS: We are safe. Friends are safe. And grateful for it. All our thoughts go to the victims and their families.

10 November 2015

Blog | New Tags

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As you may have noticed from the blog menu, I have changed the article tags around. This is usually the type of online tidying I look into during the holiday season, but I have decided to look into it early this year. This was also the occasion to look into what type of posts I'd like to write from now on. Here is what you will find on The Nife en l'Air...

07 November 2015

Epicurean Simplicity

Delicatessen of my dreams | Savoie 2012

Epicurus was a Greek philosopher from these ancient times we picture with old wisdom and stone statues. He is also known for Epucureanism, a philosophy around the pleasures of life. We have however strongly misrepresented Epicureanism as an abundance of sinful and fleeting luxuries, when this philosophy is, at heart, around simplicity and enjoying the ordinary moments of our lives.

22 October 2015

The "Proust Questionnaire"

Personal picture (via Instagram)

The famous Parisian library Shakespeare and Company has opened a café. One worth visiting if ever you are around, by the way. But, more importantly, there was an odd questionnaire with our order: The Shakespeare and Company Café Proust Questionnaire. I have decided to answer it here.