17 December 2014

What Is a Need?

source: tumblr

When we broach the subject of simplicity, paring down and conscious consumption, the topic of needs come often into play - buying only what we need etc. But what is a "need", really? What do we need, as human beings, and how can defining our own needs help simplifying our lives?

13 December 2014

Minimalism TAG

Minerals. Personal Picture (iPhone 4S 2014)

While I'm finalizing the Thailand travel pictures, here is a short tag post, yet again inspired by Youtuber Cathy. I find her six questions very interesting to think about and share on the topic of minimalism/simplicity. I hope you'll enjoy them.

10 December 2014

On Spare Time

Koh Samui November 2014 // Personal picture

As I promised on the Shopping Fast Month 5 recap, here are some more in-depth thoughts about free time or spare time, what we do with our time, and what the shopping fast, and my trip to Thailand, taught me about how I spend my time...

07 December 2014

Seasons: December

source: tumblr

 This "seasons" series takes the place of 2013's New Guests in a way, reminding me that months are passing by. Hard to realize that 2014 is already drawing to a close, and entering in a reflective and retrospective mood these days, plaid (and cat) on the lap as I sip a cinammon hot cocoa. December is, of course, the holiday season, the end of year nostalgia, and a lot of social gatherings.

02 December 2014

Fast Month #5 // Collecting Stories

Chaweng Pagoda bells // Koh Samui 2014 (iPhone 4)

Between my relaxing and enlightening trip in Thailand, moving twelve years of items out of my cellar as we moved out of my first appartment last week-end, and a great communication training I had for work, I have a lot of things to share with you this month. And that's without counting all the 2014 retrospectives December calls for. But first, here is the monthly recap of my ongoing Shopping Recasting.

28 November 2014

Labeled "Simplicity"

Source: tumblr

 Back in Paris, I've been plunged back into daily life, but I tiptoe around it, retaining the warmth of the tropical sun on my skin. I'll have travel photographs and thoughts to share in the coming days, but while I make the time to sort through my memories and pictures, here is a quick thought on tools and objects labeled "simple" or "minimalist".

16 November 2014

A Few Floating Thoughts

Source: flickr

The end of year is always a tough one in the entertainment business, holiday gifts and all. Leaving me less time to think and blog, this also made me realize that sometimes, an idea needs time to silently  blossom into my mind before things actually start to make sense. I also happen to close this busy work period with an actual holiday travel, so here are a few floating thoughts I'd like to leave you with before I leave sans le laptop.