27 August 2015

Favorites #2: Summer 2015

sources: Lumosity, IMBD, Steam, personal pictures

Some of you seem to have enjoyed the first round-up of random favorites, so I have decided to make a sort of series of it, just because some finds are worth sharing. This round-up is mostly cultural, after all summer calls for long reading afternoons and binge-watching series when it's too hot outside.

20 August 2015

A Quest for Meaning

Autumn in my hometown // personal picture (yes I'm starting to long for Autumn...)

I think I may be reaching a point where my simplicity journey is slowly turning into a quest for meaning. As if I had reached a certain level in the "simplicity" class to unlock the "meaning" specialization (sorry for the role-playing game linguo). But what is that quest for meaning and how does it appear in today's world?

09 August 2015

Some Summer Joys

Personal Picture

As I'm just coming back from a business trip, I have planned this tiny little update on what makes me happy in summer. I think this is important to celebrate every season, even those we like less than others - for me, it's summer!

04 August 2015

A pile of old invoices

Because this beautiful feline looks way better than a pile of invoices (oddly) // Personal picture 2015

As I went to the family home during the summer, I sorted boxes of things left behind during my latest move, including one full of papers. As I sifted through old contracts and grade summaries and student subscription forms (and realized how far away student life suddenly felt), I unearthed a pile of old invoices and warranty documents. Here is what I learned from these.

30 July 2015

Food For Thought // #15

Personal picture 2013

As a consequence of a slow two-week vacation (understand, without much travel), I have read and discovered many new sources of learning, inspiration and thought. Here is a little best-of, in case you have a bit of time for light or insightful reads this summer.

26 July 2015

Some Online Editing

The Iron Lady at Dusk // (Unrelated) Personal Picture

One of the benefits of downsizing, editing and culling is to have more time and energy to dedicate to what's left in our lives. That goes with material items of course, but also what to do with how we spend our time. Today, after some thought and planning, I have made a bit of digital editing. Here are a few thoughts if you'd like to do the same.

16 July 2015

A fake?

Dusk lavender, Provence 2013, personal picture.

Sometimes, life runs by and there is barely enough energy to keep up. And sometimes, the stream slows down, and all the little questions and reflections we didn't have time to notice squash us in the face like little rocks and leaves and sticks following us downstream when life was at full speed. Have you ever questioned your legitimity as an aspiring minimalist? I have, and here are a few thoughts about this.