16 November 2014

A Few Floating Thoughts

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The end of year is always a tough one in the entertainment business, holiday gifts and all. Leaving me less time to think and blog, this also made me realize that sometimes, an idea needs time to silently  blossom into my mind before things actually start to make sense. I also happen to close this busy work period with an actual holiday travel, so here are a few floating thoughts I'd like to leave you with before I leave sans le laptop.

08 November 2014

What Else // First Ideas

Journaling // Personal picture (iPhone 4 test)

Following the latest Shopping Fast wrap-up, I've started thinking about how to spend less time, energy and money on material items overall, and have them fulfill their purpose in the background while I enjoy my life. Here are some first ideas below on the matter, as I think no matter how deep we are in our simplification journey, this step has to be intentional, it doesn't seem to come naturally.

05 November 2014

Interlude: TMI

Marseille Soaps at le Marais // Personal Picture

As I am yet again spending the week out on a work event with little time for the blog at all, I have planned a little interlude post, based on a Youtube tag called "TMI". 50 small questions about me, which are supposedly personal - hence TMI - to keep things running around here while I'm working. I hope you enjoy this kind of interludes.

02 November 2014

Seasons: November

Cotton & Shadows // Personal Picture

It is quite hard to believe we are already in November, here in Paris, as I am writing this post under the sun, windows open. That's quite the long indian summer. Evenings are dark and cold enough to enjoy candle light and sheep slippers, a sweet reminder of the season we are at the heart of.

29 October 2014

Fast Month #4 // What Else?

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Last month, I explored the reasons for going shopping, and what to replace it with, when the real motivation really goes beyond acquiring a new needed item. This month, I've been pondering about what a "legitimate" purchase might be, and how a shopping fast shouldn't only be about (not) shopping.

23 October 2014

Forget Me Not // #3

At the Musée Rodin's Gardens // Personal Picture

I might not quite manage to keep it weekly, but I like how these Forget Me Not posts keep me grateful for the little things of life. Here are some little joys from this past month.

17 October 2014

Almost Buying

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Since the start of my shopping fast, I stopped purchasing unessential items. Mostly. I'll have more to share on the things I did purchase in my next monthly update, but in the meantime, I loved the concept of minimalist haul from Youtuber Cathy, which basically consists in listing what she almost bought but didn't, and why. So, here is my "minimalist haul" since the beginning of my shopping fast.