17 September 2014

Is This Satisfying For You?

Donegal, Ireland 2014 // Personal Picture

When we make choices - whether it is purchasing the right object, where to go on vacation, where to live, or even what career to pursue - we often base our decision on comparison with other people, with what is "normal" to do. But what choices would we make, if our most important criteria was "is this a satisfying choice for me?"

14 September 2014

Interlude: Closet Confidential

The Ring Hand // Personal Picture

After reading Maja's tag post exploring some bits and stories of her closet, I decided to jump on the invitation to do one myself - because, as a reader, I love these sneak peek posts, because it is an interesting self assessement of my closet, and because I thought you might like it. Enter, closet confidential.

11 September 2014

Forget Me Not #1

Scallop Shell DIY decoration & Cactus // Personal picture

One of my new resolutions in September is to practice more gratitude, make myself aware of all these little things, big or small, that make my life good. One of the ways is through these "Forget Me Not" posts, gratitude in pictures - little things that made my week.

09 September 2014

Seasons: September

Enjoying the last of fresh herbs - making pesto with the Basil plant before it dries. Personal picture

Here is a new, hopefully monthly - let's not commit too early - series of posts about seasonal joys, specificities and recipes. Of course, this is very region-centered as it concerns what's in season here in France, and probably more widely on the Northern hemisphere, but I'd love to know what your September is about!

06 September 2014

Level Up Mini Challenge: Try Something New


For this latest Level-Up mini challenge, let's boost creativity and learning. The Back to School season is the ideal moment to pick up new activities, try something new, learn a skill, dabble in new horizons. Mainly because many activities start again in September, and some of them even offer trial sessions. Let's get out of this comfort zone of ours together.

04 September 2014

What Do You Really Want?


Have you ever noticed how your aesthetics, style, decoration preferences, wishlist contents, even colours, change over time? Often, when we crave for certain products or brands, it isn't so much the object itself we are after, but rather a certain "mood", "lifestyle", even "identity". Why buy the object then, when what we really want is something else entirely?

01 September 2014

It's Coming

Source: flickr

On Monday, first of September, and official beginning of the "Back to School " season in the city. Late Summer and Autumn - fresh plums, berries, pumpkin soups and roasted chestnuts, cinammon hot chocolates and long, candle-lit evenings. Of course, I already wrote about it, repeatedly, every year. This year, I would like to pause, and think about contemplation and gratitude.