28 January 2015

Levelled Up 2015 // January

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As I found out with the 2013 New Guest series, doing monthly recaps and evaluations seems to be very helpful to remain mindful about our objectives and habits. By December 2014, I realized I had forgotten most of my new resolutions, so I decided to introduce a new monthly post around the level up resolutions for 2015. A way to keep myself accountable, and maybe inspire you to engage in a similar exercise for your own objectives?

24 January 2015

Shopping Fast // "New Guests"

Ancient Indian fabric Jacket (Sento) - Personal Picture

As many of you had questions following the shopping fast recap, I thought it would be interesting to share with you a sort of "New Guest list" of the type of objects I bought during this period, and, more importantly, to sort them depending on whether they were essentials or not, and whether I'd buy them again after the learnings from this experiment.

22 January 2015

Food For Thought #12 // Existential Questions Edition

Source: Oliver Emberton

I can't say if we stumble upon enlightening articles at the right moment - as if put on our way on purpose - or if we get to see, and click on these when we are already on a path of questioning. Point is, I'm in the turmoil of an existential crisis of sorts right now, and here are interesting articles that fuel the reflection.

19 January 2015

Seasons: January

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Late, but not forgotten, here is the January version of the seasonal posts. I shall keep this one short as we are deep into the month now, but January is one of my favourite periods of the year. Maybe because of the feeling of renewal that comes with the new year. Maybe because of melted cheese and galette des Rois...

14 January 2015

Levelled up 2015

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I have been wrapping my head around writing the traditional "New Resolutions" post for 2015 these past few days, but I have been... distracted, and I prefered to let planned posts get published before I take the pen (keyboard?) again on the blog.

12 January 2015

Shopping Fast // Post Mortem (2/2)

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As promised, here is the second part, and final post, about my shopping fast experiment. I have decided to cut it in two to avoid having too long posts, and encourage discussion on each topic instead of blurting everything out at once. This part focuses on the evolution of my mindset as a consumer and as a growing human being.

06 January 2015

Shopping Fast // Post Mortem (1/2)

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Following up on the Fast Month 6 update, here is the Levelled Up Shopping Fast post mortem, as I go back to what happened these past 6 months, how my habits changed and what I hope to takeaway for the future of my simplicity journey. Hopefully this round-up will also be helpful to you, whether you are engaging in a shopping fast or just trying to simplify your life.