20 April 2014

The Real Cost of Objects

Source: Anne Parker

As I engaged in simple living, I started considering my material purchases more closely before handing over my carte bleue. I also started questioning my culling choices, as you may have read, and one of the elements I started pondering lately is the real cost of objects on our daily outcome, beyond their purchase price.

14 April 2014

On Kickstarting Harder Habits

Source: tumblr

As I entered Spring Cleaning time, I made a little round-up of my past habits and resolutions, and noticed there were two kinds of habits - the daily, "low energy" ones I carry on daily without giving it much thought, and the harder, "high energy" ones I can't seem to apply as easily. Here are some tips to help kickstarting those harder habits sitting in the to-dos.

10 April 2014

On Culling: Tips

Source: Juliette Tang

Following the Culling Mistakes post, here are a few tips I learned these past years and would like to share with you if it can help. After all, editing my collection of items has improved my life a lot, despite the mistakes I made along the way, and I can only encourage you to give it a try, if you feel so enclined.

04 April 2014

On Culling Mistakes

Source: Cole Haan

Since I started simplifying my life in Spring 2011, I have set a lot of items free - books, DVD, decoration items, clothing... Three years later, the effects of this culling process are overwhelmingly positive and I have more time for other pursuits. However, where most minimalists say they got rid of their stuff and never looked back, I'd like to point out that I did make a few culling mistakes, which I'd like to share with you if it can help avoiding them in the future.

01 April 2014

Food For Thought // #07

Frost & the Morning Sun // Personal Photo

I believe this food for thought post has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of months now, as the publication date of the articles below show. Since the few post ideas I have mostly involve taking new pictures, why not share with you these discoveries in the meantime. I hope you enjoy these food for thought posts as much as I enjoy sharing them.

26 March 2014

On Psychological Price

Personal Picture // St Michel, March 2013

When minimalists discuss the price of things, it usually comes down to investing in quality pieces, calculating cost per use (or cost per wear in the case of clothing). Or it is about high street store and the real price of the cheap items we have at our disposal. Today, I'd like to discuss another side to price: how marketing sets a price point to objects, and why we should be aware of that as consumers.

20 March 2014


I stumbled upon this video on my facebook feed lately, and thought it was well worth sharing on the Nife. How is the fashion industry polluting the Earth, and how a group of people have been using the skill and creativity to change things with the Detox initiative lead by Green Peace.