23 October 2014

Forget Me Not // #3

At the Musée Rodin's Gardens // Personal Picture

I might not quite manage to keep it weekly, but I like how these Forget Me Not posts keep me grateful for the little things of life. Here are some little joys from this past month.

17 October 2014

Almost Buying

Source: Muji

Since the start of my shopping fast, I stopped purchasing unessential items. Mostly. I'll have more to share on the things I did purchase in my next monthly update, but in the meantime, I loved the concept of minimalist haul from Youtuber Cathy, which basically consists in listing what she almost bought but didn't, and why. So, here is my "minimalist haul" since the beginning of my shopping fast.

13 October 2014

Food For Thought // #11

Source: tumblr

I'm back with the latest food for thoughts post, quite limited today with two articles, and approaching from two very different angles, the idea of inner values and the importance they have in our lives.

08 October 2014

The Importance of Objects


As I have been thinking both about what to replace (unhealthy) shopping with, and what makes an adequate or smart purchase, I have been pondering the question of the place of objects in my simplified life. If minimalism is about shifting values and priorities - away from material possessions and toward growth, relationships etc., does it mean objects have no importance at all?

06 October 2014

Seasons: October

Digging out orange coloured decoration - Introducing apples in the fruit basket

Here is the newest Seasons post: October. Here are the characteristics, little joys and recipes of the month, which is probably one of my favourites of the year. This is the Northern Hemisphere, French version of October, I'd love to hear about yours!

03 October 2014

Smart or Manipulated?


Today, I'd like to broach the subject of how to navigate special purchases: travel and airport buys, sales seasons and other time limited offers. As I previously wrote specifically about sales, I've been raised to believe it was smarter to wait for a discounted price to purchase something, but most marketing tricks and traps are based on time limited events or discounts. How to navigate these opportunities without being manipulated ?

28 September 2014

Fast Month #3 // Replacing Shopping With...

That's a Fish.

Three months into my shopping fast - which is more of a "shopping recasting" since I still purchase groceries, cleaning products, depleted consumables etc. -, I started to understand exactly what my shopping habits used to be about. After a few weeks of struggle with my willpower, realizing what I'm really after when I go shopping helped me find replacement activities.