29 March 2015

3 Months Later

Violin & Sheet // Personal Picture

3 months have passed since my Shopping Fast experiment ended. When you  pay close attention to puchases for six months, there is always some apprehension as to how the new habits will turn out - similarly to a food diet in a way. Here are a few observations and learnings from my own experience, 3 months later.

24 March 2015

Gratitude Bits

Source: tumblr

As I still have little time left to prepare full posts for the Nife - anyone who has ever moved will understand, I imagine - I would like to offer today, a few events, moments, things I feel grateful for these days. Hopefully, this will inspire you to look around and find gratitude in your life as well.

20 March 2015

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Source: shutterstock // via IFL science

Since I first questioned my consumption habits - moving back from Japan - eight years passed. Since I suddenly decided to give up my feminine style armor and started actively simplifying my life, four years passed. These days, I'm noticing changes, slight and gradual, which are starting to really show. Today (and you'll see why I chose the solar eclipse day to write about this), I'd like to talk about hobbies and projects, and how simplification helped me reconnect with what matters.

18 March 2015

Update Bits

Red flowers & spicy cake // personal picture

 Here are a few small random things I wanted to share with you lately, none of which really deserving an entire post, but interesting to point out within my simplification journey. And hopefully, interesting to yours too.

14 March 2015

Levelled Up 2015 // February

Cherry Blossoms 2012. Personal picture.

As I introduced last month, I have decided to experiment a monthly level up recap in 2015, both to keep track of my own progression instead of forgetting new resolution until next year; but also to show you the process in case it can be helpful for your own progression. Here is, a bit delayed, (or, sitting forgotten and unpublished in my drafts, to be transparent) the February level up recap.

10 March 2015

29 things I learned

Source: Ubisoft

As we grow and age, life happens, and we learn things in the process. Hopefully. I have seen such posts in other blogs, listing some life learnings for the blogger's birthday, and I have decided to do the same today, as I turn 29, this last precious year of the defining decade.

27 February 2015

Body Care, Simplified

Clean face towel / orange blossom floral water / organic argan oil / home made deodorant / coconut oil

Eight months after the beginning of my shopping fast experiment, dealing with my beauty product stocks and researching natural alternatives, here is a short overview of my current body care routine, along with a quick explanation of how I got there, in case you are also looking to simplify your beauty routine.