10 April 2016

Travel & Gratitude

The last train in Tokyo, December 2006.

A thousand years ago, Europeans didn't know the American continent existed. A few hundred years ago, it took years for a traveler to go across the world. By the end of the 19th century, traveling around the world in 80 days was a fiction-worthy exploit. And now? Now, we can travel through continents in less than 24 hours. Isn't that awesome? What if we could see the world with the marveled eyes of a child? Or a time traveler?

24 March 2016

Toxic Cosmetics

source: instagram

Last month, the French independant pro-consumer media Que Choisir has published an independent study about the cosmetics on sale on the market. They found toxic, allergenic or downright dangerous ingredients in 185 different products. After all this turning 30 reflection on how I feel about ageing, I thought it was as good a news as another to talk about appearance, cosmetics and the role of looks in society (and our happiness).

10 March 2016

Getting Older

source: Maruti Bitamin

As the big 30 approached for me these past few weeks, there have been much discussions with friends, family and colleagues about this symbolic turn of age. Naturally, this lead to the invariable fear of old age we all bear in our hearts. Now that I am turning 30 today, here are a few thoughts about how it feels to get older.

05 February 2016

Know your weaknesses

Source: tumblr

As I started simplifying my life and engage in various experiments, I have tried to learn from my mistakes and noticed some patterns about myself. Over time, I also noticed how knowing about these weaknesses helped getting better by avoiding them.

31 January 2016

Do Your Best

source: tumblr

Like many things in life, the simplicity journey isn't a straight line, but rather a spiral upwards. There is progress, relapse, some answers and more questions. Sometimes we wonder if we are fit for this quest, if it is even possible. In these situations, the most important is to remember to do your best, whatever your best is today.

17 January 2016

Simple Goal Setting


Now is the time (a few days late but it's never too late to start) for the traditional 2016 resolutions and goal setting. If you are looking at a complete post about level up goals per area to help set your own, you can check out last year's. This year, I would like to present a short, simple way to set a few goals for the upcoming year.

10 January 2016

The Winter List


Happy new year 2016 to all! I have a little something about goals and resolutions planned, but time is short and I'm leaving on a work trip tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you a few seasonal joys, as a reminder of gratitude and appreciation, but also to contemplate tthe fleeting nature of seasons.