08 July 2012

Enjoying Rain


Every minute counts. To me, it is not about making the most of it, but the best of it. That’s what happiness is about: making the best of every moment in our lives.

I have been able to test this theory a lot lately, as I am going through a major life change – new job, new city – and I am experiencing all the unpleasant short-term consequences of such a change. I have decided to make the best of each moment of this life experience, even through the bother of making calls to real estate agencies, visiting apartments and sleeping at a friend’s place. I admit that being in Paris helps a lot with finding a way to spend a good day.

Here is a concrete example – rain. Ever since I arrived in Paris, the weather has been very unpredictable, and I have ended up soaked in heavy summer rain a few times already. When I come home cold and soaked, I take off my wet clothes and hang them to dry, take a long hot shower, put on some fresh dry clothes and prepare a hot chocolate or tea to enjoy slowly while watching the rain pour down outside. This is a delightful instant, worth every cocktail on a sunny terrace to me…

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