07 June 2012

The Bright Side

I might be wrong, but I feel like we human beings spend a lot of time being unsatisfied with how we are or what we have. We seem to spend much more time moaning about what's wrong instead of being grateful with everything else. Why is that? Is it because we are influenced by advertisments to want more? Is it our education that make us have ambition and think that being content with what we have would hold us back?

As I started asking myself those questions, I also started realizing that we don't have to keep thinking that way. We can be grateful with what we have, see the half-full glass, the bright side. So that's what I started to do a few years ago.

Here is a very practical example: my height. See, I am 1.56m tall (5.1 feet) and given my age, this is not likely to change any time soon. I have spent all my teenage years being unsatisfied with this, wearing high heels and envying tall girls.

So I started looking for the bright side of being a petite woman, every little thing in the everyday life, like how I can sit comfotably in economy class, or how I can always cut a pair of pants to my size where the opposite is not always possible for tall girls. I have even listed the bright side of being a petite woman on this blog last year.

Even today, instead of focusing on the inconveniences of my size, I still enjoy even the most mundane perks that I can get out of it. Like, for example, getting a pair of Converse in size 35 (US 3) at the children section 25€ cheaper than the bigger adult sizes...


  1. I have been reading about gratitude literally ALL day. So glad to see it being touched on throughout your archives. Yet another thing we have in common! I might have a lil gift to send your way for this ;)

    1. Thank you for this little note! As a blogger, a comment of appreciation from a reader is a perfect thank you. I have read this today and thought about you: another read on gratitude!

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    1. Thank you very much, I always wondered if anyone read the archives of my blog :) For the interview, sure, great idea! I'll contact you by e-mail over the week-end, thanks!