17 July 2012

Paring Down

There is no opportunity like moving out to sort out and get rid of unnecessary stuff. After having stayed over ten years in the same appartment, I am starting fresh in a smaller Parisian space. I decided to apply the "if your home burned down, what would you buy again?" technique to choose what stuff to introduce in my new home.

Another very good technique is to set a limit.

Like I did for the luggage experience back in April - I chose the size of the suitcase first, then managed make the stuff fit in this limted space - I decided to set a limit for the non-furniture stuff to bring with me. I chose 2 big and 4 small Ikea storage boxes (pictured above) and managed to fit everything in. This forced me to take only what I really need and discard all the "just in case" crap.

Will my new place get cluttered as well eventually? Only time will tell, but at this moment, limiting the number of boxes before choosing what to bring with me really worked well in paring down stuff while moving...

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