06 December 2011

The Truth About Small Women: My Version

This week, I read an article in French about small girls. The writer, a 1.55m tall girl (5.08 ft), explains all the inconveniences  we, women less than 1.60m tall, are confronted to.

Being myself 1.56m tall (5.11 ft), I felt very concerned by this article. In reaction, I wanted to share my version of the story: all the good sides of being small...

Small in a tall world...

  •  We are very at ease in the train, even in second class. And our knees don't touch the front seat in the cinema.
  • And we can strech out our legs in the economy class, even with Easy Jet
  • Hit our heads against beams or doors? What are you talking about?
  • We can lay down in the bathtub
  • And in the small bed friends prepared for the week-end party at their place. Our feet even fit inside the only child size blanket they had left
  • We can live in one of these magnificent "Canut" appartments with a mezzanine at a 1.70m (5.57ft) ceiling without any head problems.

The "canut" appartments: these are in the Croix Rousse neighborhood in Lyon, very nice and typical, but with a low ceiling mezzanine floor

The social and love life of the small woman

  • We always sit in the front row. Not only for the annual class photograph, but people take pity of us and let us be on the front for the concerts, fireworks, shows... 
  • People believe us to be younger than our actual age. It might be frustrating when you're 20 and want to be taken seriously, but reaching 25 it is a real pleasure!
  • In the subway, it's Ninja time! No one sees us, so we can find our way to THE free seat (tested an approved among 30 million people in Tokyo).
  • The boyfriend/husband is most certainly taller than us. Which is for the benefit of everyone, since men seem to be uneasy with women taller than themselves (as testifies a 1.80m (5.9ft) friend of mine)

Sartorially speaking...

  • The small woman usually is a small size: 34/36 (XS/0) and shoe 36 (UK 3.5, US 6). You know, when the sales reach their end and you find a great sweater at -70% but there is only the XS and XL remaining? Here you go...
  • It is true that we become the dressmaker's best client by regualrly removing 15cm (6 inches) off pants, coats or dresses, BUT at least afterwards they fit properly. What about the 1.80m tall woman? Does she ask the dressmaker to add fabric at the bottom of her too short pants?
  • Sometimes, we even can buy garments from the child's collection (14 or 16 years old). Have you even noticed the price difference between children and adult collections?
  • There are more and more clothes designed especially for small women: length of jean 30 (although I still need to shorten them a few cm), "petite" collections...

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