01 December 2011

The 1st of December

One of my favourite season treats begins on the first of December: the beggining of the Advent Calendar. A childish habit? Maybe, but this is the kind of details that makes each season of the year so enjoyable.

The discovery of the daily candy in the early morning symbolizes the end of my favourite season, and the beginning of the Holidays season, full of its own joys. The visit of the "marché de Noël" (Christmas market, with hand-made objects and winter food and drinks). Drinking "Vin chaud" (hot wine), discovering the year's Fête des Lumières in Lyon on the 8th of December, the discovery of the Christmas decorations, the papillotes and mandarine oranges, gingerbread,Christmas tea...

The papillotes - A chocolate wrapped in a shiny paper - Christmas specialty from my region (Lyon)

This Advent Calendar, made of 24 little socks, was offered by my boyfriend a few years back. It comes from an Alsacian hand-made Christmas decorations shop. Every year, I purchase some seasonal sweets (papillote chocolates, fruit paste...) and fill my calendar, preparing for 24 delicious morning surprises...

How about you? Is the Advent Calendar for children only? Or do you also use it as a trick to enjoy the long cold December days?

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