18 December 2011

Looking Forward To Winter Days

Alsace, Winter 2010

After a few weeks of warm weather, the Cold and the Snow are finally showing up here in France. As a reminder that Winter Is Coming (as goes the saying...). Although winter is not very much loved, there are seasonal pleasures to enjoy about this time of the year.

  • The feeling of a hot wine or hot chocolate against cold hands
  • The morning wonder of the first snow as one lifts up the curtains
  • The rejoying smell of mandarines and spices
  • The cheerful "Holiday Spirit" around Christmas
  • Looking forward to the first ski session
  • Wrapping in a plaid and enjoying a hot tea and a good book
  • Enjoying the seasonal food: gingerbread, hot cheese fondue and raclette, chestnuts, mandarines...
  • Planning the winter sales purchases

And above all, knowing that spring is coming closer evrey day, with its warmth, light, flowers and fruit. One can only truly enjoy something when it is rare and longed for...

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