05 September 2011

Tiny Joys of Back to School Season

The first day of school is a strong moment of memories and nostalgia. At least for adults. Well, for some. Bad memories for most? Not for me. The back to school season was - and still is - one of my favorite moments of the year.

This year represents a very particular moment, as I present today my graduation final exam. I am leaving the world of students on the first day of school for French children. I like the concept. Future nostaglic memories to be created today!

To honor this moment of the year, here is a list of the tiny joys and nostalgic memories the first day of school brings back to me.

  • Rush into the stationary shop and choose the notebooks, pens...
  • Savour the very last days of summer holidays while preparing he first day of school
  • Prepare the notebooks and cover the new books, symbol of the end of summer
  • Think about all the summer memories to share with class mates
  • Sort out the desk and prepare it to receive the very first homework
  • Prepare the school bag the night before, and put it near the bed before going to sleep
  • The electric breakfast, half anxious, half excited
  • Carefully choose the outfit for this very special day
  • The joy to see the class mates again after two months of vacation
  • The scent of the new books and stationary
  • The pinch at the moment of revealing this year's timetable
  • The first class of each teacher, to discover what they look like
  • Write the very first words on a blank sheet
  • The feeling of relief after that many emotions, on the way back home
  • Share this day with family around the dinner table...

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