29 August 2011

Back to School

Photo Robert Doisneau - via Le web pedagogique
Today, a smell of autumn enveloped the city. The temperature is decreasing, the daily TV programmes are resuming this morning, a brand new subway/bus network was inaugurated today in Lyon...

These are many indicators that summer holidays have come to an end today. Children are going back to school next week, new books are coming to the shelves...

I must admit that I particularly enjoy this time of the year, as this is my favourite season. A lot of daily pleasures and tiny happy moments are awaiting at the end of summer. (a new list to come?)

Back home, an impression of rebirth overwhelms the city. New buildings, built during summer time, new collections in clothing shops, a new timetable for students...

It is also the time for new resolutions. As years passed by, the "keep my notebooks clean through the year" and "learn my lessons every week-end" have been replaced by "Work out every evening" and "Buy no more than 7 pieces of clothing this season". But the spirit of the "bonnes résolutions" lives on.

Of course, as I don't like summer, for me this time of the year is the long awaited cooling down of temperatures, the come back of jeans and jackets, the season of plums and the slow arrival of mushrooms and fresh nuts.

Via Partage Images
And you, what are your end of summer little joys?

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