29 September 2011

Why Autumn Is My Favourite Season

Kichijôji, Tokyo, autumn 2006.

Here we are. Although we are living a late summer weather in France, Autumn is officially here. Contrarily to most people, autumn is my favourite season. First, because I was a weird little girl who loved going back to school, but not only. Here are a few tiny joys of the Autumn season...

  • Enjoy the sweeet scent of fresh mushrooms, at the market or in the kitchen
  • Discover the first arrival of fresh walnuts and hazelnuts
  • Enjoy a hot chocolate comfortably in the couch while is it cold outside
  • Admire the seasonal changes of autumn forests: from green to yellow, orange, red, brown...
  • Eat a few grilled chestnuts with the hot chocolate
  • Cook some apples with cinnamon, pumpkin with cinnamon, hot wine with cinnamon...
  • Light some candles and enjoy TV or a book in the evening
"Add a few pumpkins, hazelnuts and dead leaves to the home decorations..."

  • Breathe the fresh air and store the ventilator in the cellar
  • Wear (at last!) sweats, coats, scarves and gloves, forsaken in summer
  • Wander around the red and yellow city
  • And jump into the dead leafs!
  • Write a new list of new resolutions in the moleskine notebook
  • And fail to follow them
  • Add a few pumpkins, hazelnuts and dead leaves to the home decorations
  • Get to want to eat fondues and hot goeat cheese again
  • Pick up walnuts and mushrooms in the forest
  • Discover the new pieces of the season: books, TV shows, CDs...
  • Remember past autumns...

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