Bibliography and Webography

Whenever I come up with a new life questioning, the first thing I do is investigate. We are incredibly lucky to have this pool of information on the Internet, as well as easy access to all kinds of books and papers. If you are interested in knowing where I search these from, here are my main sources of ideas and information, as well as my most regular reads.

I will update this page reguarly as I stumble upon a new interesting source, so please feel free to visit it again in the future.

Latest update: August 2016.

Stuff and minimalism

  • Websites and blogs
The Minimalists
Becoming Minimalist
Be More with Less
The Story of Stuff Project
Recovering Shopaholic
Into Mind
Project 333
Zero Waste Home
Trash is for tossers
The financial diet

  • YouTube Channels
Hello Cathy
The Story of Stuff project
A Hint of Rose

  • Videos
Graham Hill // Less Stuff, More Happiness
Amitai Ezioni // You Don't Need to Buy This
George Carlin Talks about Stuff
Story of Stuff
The High Price of Materialism
The Impossible Hamster
Adam Baker // Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love
Marie Kondo // The life changing magic of tidying up
Elizabeth Dulemba// Is your stuff stopping you ?
Lauren Singer // Why I live a zero waste life

  • Books
Dominique Loreau, L'Art de la Simplicité (French)
Marie Kondo, The life changing magic of tidying up 

Slow: simplicity and time, hobbies, purpose, creativity

  • Websites and blogs
 Zen Habits
Fulfillment daily
Creative Something

  • Videos
Pico Iyer // The Art of Stillness
Matt Cutts // Try Something New for 30 Days
Elizabeth Gilbert // Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating
Jane McGonigal // The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life
Carl Honore // In praise of Slowness
Andy Puddicombe // All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes
Matthieu Ricard // The Habits of Happiness

  • Podcasts
Elizabeth Gilbert, Magic Lessons
Smart and Simple matters, with Joel Zaslofsky
Tara Brach (meditation podcast)

  • Books
Carl Honor√©, In Praise of Slowness 
James Gleick, Faster, The Acceleration of Just About Everything
Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic 
Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now 
Eckhart Tolle, Stillness speaks 

Life: On meaning, growth, spirituality...

  • Websites and blogs
I heart intelligence
Tiny Buddha
Greater Good: The science of a meaningful life

  • YouTube channels
The School of Life

  • Videos
Guy Winch // The Case For Emotional Hygiene
Dan Gilbert // The Surprising Science of Happiness
Gavin Pretor Pinney // Cloudy With a Chance of Joy
Ji-Hae Park // The Violin, And my Dark Night of the Soul
Michael Shermer // Why People Believe Weird Things
Barry Schwartz // The Paradox of Choice
Amy Cuddy // Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
Kathryn Schulz // On Being Wrong
How to Find Fulfilling Work
Maura Malloy // The masterpiece of a simple life 

  • Podcasts
On Being, with Krista Tippett
The one you feed
The Lavendaire lifestyle, by Aileen
The Robcast, by Rob Bell

  • Books
Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist
Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz, Janet Mills, The Fifth Agreement
Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness
Bronnie Ware, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Musings: the rest - sources I enjoy, food for thought and learning...

  • Websites and blogs
Brain Pickings
Aeon Magazine
Maja Huse
Uniformly Dressed
  • YouTube channels
Minute Physics
Asap Science
Feminist Frequency

  • Podcasts
TED radio hour, by NPR
Stuff you should know

I will update this page regularly, to remove dead links and add my latest finds, labeled (new) in case you'd like to check them out. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to let me know, I'll gladly take a look!


  1. So honoured to be on your list my dear! Thank you. I'm so thrilled to have found your blog.

    1. Thank you for discovering and commenting on my blog, that's how I discovered yours, a very refreshing read with great photographies. The thrill is mutual :)

  2. Thank you for the mention, Kali. I am honored to be considered, and I likewise enjoy reading The Nife.