12 April 2015

Minimalist Inspirations

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Since I have little time for detailed posts these days, here is a sort of "Food for Thought" list of links around the theme of simplicity. So that you can go read them while I'm MIA (not that you need me to find things to do on the interwebs).

1. My Sources Page
I haven't updated it in a while, but there might be some sites, videos and blogs you may not yet know. This is a bibliography/webography of sorts, where I take my inspirations from, what sparks questioning or thinking or happiness...

2. The Marie Kondo
I've heard so much about her lately, she's invaded my feed on English AND French blogs, as her book "the magic of tidying up" just got translated in French. The lady must be enjoying great success at the moment. I have no time to buy and read her book any more than I have time to write here, so I watched this 45 minutes Google talk instead. Isn't Google copying TED now? No matter, more inspiration is better. And I've been approaching my pre-move editing with the basics of her KonMari method.

3. Hello Cathy
I have mentioned minimalist youtuber Cathy several times on this blog already. Her videos are very interesting, and I like how her approach to minimalism isn't always about objects (editing, owning less etc.). She also gets a minimalist take on Youtube tags and speaks of the general process of minimalism. And I love her accent, too.

4. Better Humans on Medium
Medium is a platform to publish longer articles. I believe I discovered it when Joy started publishing on there a few years ago. But, as a platform, it offers tons of user generated content. Where to start? I found this "Better Humans" tag, a great source of articles on growth, from habit forming to meditation tricks, happiness and all these things I like to learn more about.

5. Zen Pencils
I don't remember if I ever presented you this awesome site. Zen Pencils is, as the name suggests, a web comic site of sorts. The particularity? The author takes quotes or ideas from inspirational people, and turns them into a comic page, adding his own interpretation in a way. The comics have been broaching extremely broad subjects including education, self awareness, growth, conformity (or the lack thereof) and I find every single one of his posts extremely inspirational.

That's it for today. Did you know any of these sources? I hope you enjoy the discovery :)


  1. coucou ! Je t'ai nominée si ça t'intéresse ! http://minimalevabee.blogspot.fr/2015/04/one-lovely-blog-award-liebster-award.html
    bises :)

    1. Merci! Ca tombe bien, je rentre dans le vif de mon déménagement cette semaine, je vais donc devoir planifier plusieurs posts à l'avance pour les deux semaines à venir, et j'adore ce genre de tag, rapides à écrire mais intéressants pour autant pour le lecteur. Merci de m'avoir prévenue ;)

  2. I found your Sources page the other day and was greatly entertained by it - so many good links! I'll definitely check all of these out!

    1. Thanks! I should go through these and add my latest finds, but I'm sure there is much to browse around, I hope you enjoy it :)

  3. I love Marie Kondo's book too! I'm about to finish her method in my house. I'm only missing the "memories" part, which is the last one. Next weekend will be!

    1. Her method sounds very interesting indeed, I hope to have time to read the book soon to complete the work :) I hope you managed to sort out your memories now, I guess it's the hardest one to deal with...