07 September 2016

Forget Me Not | #4

from instagram

Time goes by so quick if we don’t take the time to appreciate all the little joys of life. Should we wait for the sparkles and the fireworks to remember a moment with awe? Yet the extraordinary is so rare. One of the messages of simplicity is to learn to enjoy the ordinary, the trivial that makes most of our life. Here are some daily pieces of life I have been grateful for lately.

 Taking the time to notice and enjoy…

1. Making my own bracelets out of mineral stones. The enjoyment of doing.
2. Strolling through my city the nose up in the air. Noticing the beauties of Paris, even those I’m seeing for the hundredth time.
3. Preparing my wedding. Cutting origami paper and folding hearts for the invitations.
4. The details of the city: 8-bit old school mosaics.
5. Travels: the beautiful petite France in Strasbourg, Alsace.
6. My little cabinet de curiosités: minerals and a hand-made cat incense holder brought back from Japan. 

Lately, I have also been grateful for all the books I’ve had the chance to read, the community of writers I’m working with, the support of my friends and family through a tough moment in life, lighting a scented candle and writing in my journal…

What tiny joys have you been grateful for lately?


  1. The cat incense holder's expression? is my favorite. He/she looks so grumpy!

    1. Hahaha I love it too! There were tons of different cats with interesting expressions in the shop (because it's hand made not two of them looked the same). Choice was hard, but it makes cleaning fun (just because the little guy smokes incense once I'm done ;) )

  2. Lately, I have been very happy about the conversations I am having on my blog. And for coffee. I learnt to make a good cup after many many trials. And it has made my life better. (Coffee usually does).

    1. That's always nice to have conversations with like-minded people! And coffee... How I agree with you, it boosts on tired days and makes happy days even nicer :) I'm so eager for the weather to cool and hot chocolates to be back in my life ;)