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What is Dream On?

Originally an English spin-off of French blog la Nife en l'Air, Dream On is a place to share my musings and experiments toward simplicity and a meaningful life. Because we are more than consumers and we deserve more than a life by default.

I write about richness, void, ordinary moments, small discoveries and big theories. The gratitude and appreciation of tiny joys, tips for a simpler life, my own weaknesses and failures as I learn how to be human.

What more does it bring compared to the other blogs?

Nothing. This blog is nothing but ordinary. It is inevitably inspired from my surroundings, and has no ambition to overreach its condition of a small drop in the ocean of the World Wide Web.

Originally, La Nife en l'Air was created to share my drawings and poems with the relatives I parted from when I left my home in Auvergne. I decided to create this English version in 2011, so I could share a glimpse of myself with the English side of my family and friends.

Since all my writing projects are in French, the Nife evolved away from its original version. Open to anyone who'd swing by, this is a sharing space for ideas and thoughts.

Why blogging?

This is a question one often stumbles upon when surfing the Internet.
Because, sometimes, I discover things I want to share. I doubt a lot too. Of today's society, the extreme consumerism, the increasing speed of our world. I find a small answer and ten big questions.

And I just think: I would like to share these simple joys, these pieces of life, these ordinary moments. The Japanese sublimate the ordinary instants by noticing them and linger. I would like to share these delightful ordinary moments. Bring a touch of slowness and simplicity. Create a debate, open questions.

 Who am I?

My name is Florie. I am 30 years old and walk the nose up in the air to catch up on all the details of life. When I was 20 years old, I moved to Japan to study, and I opened a blog to keep my family and friends up to date with my Japanese adventures. I acquired the taste of blogging at that time.

I then created Dream On and extended my universe inside that blog. The tiny joys of a 21st Century French woman, for the old friend and the passing visitor.

PS: I apologize for my foreigner's English, and hope you will be indulgent with the many mistakes I'm bound to make while writing in English.

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A Note For Professionals

I have received requests from community managers to write about a specific brand or product lately. While I appreciate your interest in my very small blog, here are a few points I'd appreciate you to consider before you contact me:

  • This is a personal blog, I do not intend to make a business out of it. I am not against collaborations as a principle, but this is not part of my editorial content.

  • Please make sure to check the editorial line of this blog before contacting me about your product or service. I receive many offers that have nothing to do with my blog's theme, so please make sure your product is relevant for me and my readers before taking the time to contact me.

  • Writing an article requires time and energy. If you really intend to offer me a partnerhsip for me to write an article, please remember work deserves remuneration. In other words, I do not give free visibility to products.

  • Finally, please keep in mind that this is a very small blog with limited reach - shortly above a thousand regular readers. I understand if this is too small for you to spend time on. However, if you still intend to take that time, please address me professionally. Small blog doesn't mean unprofessional approach.