09 February 2015

Food For Thought // #13

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This Food For Thought post is marked, as you will see, by my exploration of Medium, a great tool to publish longer texts, and full of wise words and little treasures. I hope you will enjoy this selection and find nice reads for your week.

On Medium: Self Doubt: Friend or Foe?
This text touches on the subject of self confidence, or lack thereof, and what we can do with it. Self doubt exists at some point for each and every one of us. I even believe it to be a positive sign of someone questioning their own life and certitudes, therefore growing and evolving as a person. As this article presents, self doubt can indeed make us grow, or it can eat us from inside. Which one is it going to be?

On Medium: How to Change Bad Eating Habits
This article inspired my earlier article about the Call to Action. It is also similar to a lot of things promoted by Nerd Fitness when it comes to fitness habits. Centered around eating habits here, this articles introduces the concept of a "trigger", concrete daily reminders to help us stick to our positive habits. Of course, I believe this can be transposed to any kind of habits, should you need to work on something other than food.

On Medium: Do you Have a Fixed Mindset: Here is How to Change It
This article touches on another favourite subject of mine: the growth mindset. As you may know, in this frame of thinking, there are two types of mindset - fixed, believing that you were born with certain traits and can't do anything about them; or growth, believing that the brain can change and improve upon working and exercising. This article helps realize if you tend to have a "fixed mindset" approach to certain subjects and concrete tips to turn this into a much more helpful growth mindset. Let's level up, guys!

On Medium: Ambiguity and the Art of Meaning

This reflection about the ambiguity, and uncertainty, of today's world, turns out to be a wonderful read about life, what is worth about it, and how to fully embrace these uncertain times instead of sheltering from them. It's quite hard to summarize so I can only recommend you to read the article yourself. Below is my favourite paragraph, the kind I should print out and frame in my home...

Creating the instants that we call our lives. They—not money, things, or careers—are the most valuable things that have been, or will ever be. The question is this. Whose lives are we creating? Ours — or someone else’s? Do we become the people we are told to be — or the people we were meant to be?

 That paragraph reminds me of some lyrics from One Republic, which have always touched me "I don't think the world is sold, we're just doing what we're told". Are your life choices really yours? Are you living for yourself? Also on the same subject, the concept of making a life versus making a living...

That's it for today's Food for Thought post. There is so much more to discover via Medium, I can only suggest you to do your own digging and find topics that interest you! What do you think of these, does it mean anything to you?


  1. Loved that "Ambiguity and the Art of Meaning" post, so beautifully written and that last paragraph really resonates.

    1. It does, doesn't it? I wonder if that's maybe a recurring questioning when you approach 30? Or something like that.