11 September 2014

Forget Me Not #1

Scallop Shell DIY decoration & Cactus // Personal picture

One of my new resolutions in September is to practice more gratitude, make myself aware of all these little things, big or small, that make my life good. One of the ways is through these "Forget Me Not" posts, gratitude in pictures - little things that made my week.

Apparently, our brains get used to the good things we have very quickly after we get them - new job, good health, new items, salary raise... And gratitude is then replaced with a sense of entitlement, or even causes for complaint. I have seen people around me who had everything they needed and more, yet had just as many causes for complaint as anyone else.

As I am healthy, employed, engaged, and surrounded with friends and family, I began to think I was becoming that person. That person who has everything but doesn't see it. Hence the resolution to actively be grateful and marvel at everything around me, new and ordinary.

This first "Forget Me Not" post is a bit long as it contains two weeks of little causes for gratitude. These posts may become a weekly affair, if I am to cultivate regular gratitude. But again, no commitment. September makes me start so many things, there is no telling how many of these new post ideas will make it through the end of the year.

The Return of the Cat
The Cactus Shell // Finding a simple twist to make my cactus more interesting: a scallop shell.
The Cat // After weeks of travel this summer, finally welcoming the cat back home

Childhood minerals
Childhood Minerals // Sorting out the cellar and finding the mineral collection from my childhood, which I thought lost to time.

1986 wine bottle
1986 Wine Bottle // Opening an exceptional wine with le fiancé. Just because.

Ikea Catalogue
Ikea Catalogue // Finding the new Ikea catalogue in my mailbox one night, after believing that I woudn't receive it in Paris.

Le petit watermelon
Le petit Watermelon // Getting myself a small watermelon, a moment of late summer goodness while it lasts.

Gaming Again
Gaming Again // After the traditional summer break, started a "new" game today. Continuing my streak of playing old-gen goodies before buying a PlayStation 4.

Yoga Lessons
Yoga Lessons // After walking past the yoga association for six months, finally decided to join this September. First class last week: win! I love yoga, my new weekly slow moment of joy.

La Ruche qui dit Oui
La Ruche Qui Dit Oui // Testing this association which allows to order produce directly from local farmers. So delicious! Avec flaxseed bread from my local organic bakery & a new Aloe succulent, because an interior needs greenery.


  1. This whole farm-to-table movement is interesting to watch. I have a friend who gets a box of produce monthly from a local farm in our area--the contents vary but I think she has a standing order for green juice ingredients like kale, carrots, apples.

    I'm more interested to hear what you did with those eggs :) I should eat more vegetables though.

    1. I heard this kind of initiative was very popular in California. You guys are blessed with a lot of local farming too aren't you? I really love the idea indeed - and in my Ruche there isn't only fruit and veggies but also, sometimes, other artisanal produce like honey, jams, even beer! This week there was honey made in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, amazing! I also got some green tea & saffron jam for later this year, when it's foie gras season (which is meant to be eaten with luxury jam). Anyway, love the diversity, on top of supporting local farmers, craftsmen and businesses. I would love it if there was a similar initiative - but presented as a shop or gallery - for local craftsmen of jewerly, clothes, homewear and kitchenwear... It would probably be more expensive than your local Ikea or H&M but it would be supporting local creators :)

  2. I'm enjoying these foodie posts. When I was just setting up housekeeping, a friend remarked that eating well, really well, at home was an inexpensive indulgence. I quite agree. Eating good things in season replenishes the soul--and it's a lot cheaper than buying clothes!

    1. I couldn't agree more! I think we live in a world of prepared food + microwave convenience, and people tend to forget how cheap it can be to cook seasonal veggies, legumes and herbs. I think it's about habits too - I used to buy prepared hummus, then I discovered just how cheap and easy it was to make myself. But one needs to make the first step and try :) Next week I have registered to a session of Ayurvedic cuisine in my yoga association, I'm looking forward to hearing what they say about spices and adapting it to each person's body!

  3. Hello _ I am a new reader of your blog and I really enjoy your writing and perspective on simplicity and individualism. This post reminds me of a quote I recently read. "What if you only woke up tomorrow with the things you were thankful for today?"
    Reading that gave me pause to reconsider what is most important to me. After reading your article, I thought I'd pass it on.

    1. That is a very thought provoking idea indeed - would we even wake up with hot water then? Thanks for sharing, definitely worth pondering, and regularly remembering about...