01 April 2014

Food For Thought // #07

Frost & the Morning Sun // Personal Photo

I believe this food for thought post has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of months now, as the publication date of the articles below show. Since the few post ideas I have mostly involve taking new pictures, why not share with you these discoveries in the meantime. I hope you enjoy these food for thought posts as much as I enjoy sharing them.

New Site: Beauty Redefined
One of the things I like most about reader's comments, is when they provide food for thought links. Jess has made my day when she linked to an article from Beauty Redefined, discussing the Dove 'Real Beauty' marketing campaign. This non-profit organisation, created by two phD graduate twin sisters, explores the many ways for women to reclaim their body image and self confidence. This is a great English follow-up of thought-provoking French book "Beauté Fatale" by Mona Chollet.

On the NY Times - You Can't Take It With You, But You Still Want More
When I was in Japan, I remember being astonished by a colleague at the restaurant I worked in, who was in an intermittent contract, paid by the hour - meaning he could choose how many hours a week to work - who worked 6 to 7 days a week, and spent his one day off buying stuff he didn't have time to use, and I wondered why. This article from the New York Times introduces a study published in Psychological Science last June, that shows a tendency we have to accumulate more than we can use, even if it means more work and less time to enjoy life. Food for thought indeed.

On Third Metric - How to be More Grateful in the New Year
In this article, the author explains that her only resolution this year is to be more grateful for what she has, and most of us take for granted. With a deep tale about visiting her son in Uganda, she explains what she decided to be grateful for and why. I particularly like the "wrinkles - because growing old beats the alternative". A refreshing read that brings perspective to our daily annoyances.

On Design Sponge - Mindfulness at Home: Letting Go
This is a subject much discussed on this blog already, so nothing new under the sun, but still a good reminder. In order to enjoy the good things, we need to make space for them. In this essay, the writer explores the subject of the culling of items at home, giving the example of her closet and how we sometimes need to get rid of unworn clothes, no matter how sentimental, to make room for new items and new memories.

Personal Photography: Since I haven't really had the occasion to take (proper) photos lately, I'll have to offer you one of the late Winter ones - an opportunity picture last Christmas season, as the morning sun blazed across the frost covered window. Winter is gone and I miss it already.


  1. Great links, especially the Undone Journal. I may have gotten sucked into that blog for a good twenty minutes already.
    I feel you on the photography, it's been so cold I haven't really wanted to head outside and take any pictures, but hopefully that's changing this week!

    1. Ah yes, the Undone Journal did the same to me when I discovered it. I really like the concept of these various, yet somehow coherent posts.

      Winter seems to slow down many activities, doesn't it? I also run much less during the colder months of the year, despite special cold time gear I have. Now that Spring is well installed in Paris, I'm also hoping to get time for a walk & shoot this week-end.

  2. I love the look of the Undone Journal, and I must admit it always exciting to discover fellow New Zealanders online :P (usually prompting me to go, "From Auckland? As in, Auckland Auckland? Is there another Auckland?!)
    That NY Times article is very interesting too, thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you like the links! It's true the Undone Journal seems to have been initiated by New Zealand/Australia based girls. It's always a bit weird to read about Autumn collections in April, but I guess that's how you guys feel most of the time :)