24 February 2014

Food For Thought // #06

Louis XIV, Enlightened - Lyon, 8/12/2013

As we approach the end of February, I realized I haven't even sorted my photographs from last December's Lyon Light Festival.  It seems there are only so many fields we can direct our energy at once, and photography has been on the back scene of my life lately. Accompanying this little preview picture, here are the lastest Food for Thought links (I believe these too date back over a month, though).

On Third Metric - Stop Wasting Your Time Off
It is recommended by more and more experts to take time off work in order to be healthier and gain productivity, but what to do with our time off? Often, the way we spend it doesn't help with stress at all. This article suggest ways to make the most of our time off work.

On Life Edited - What's So Damn Important Anyway?
"According to one survey, the average American consumer spends 2hrs and 38mns on his or her smartphone or tablet per day". Facebook and other social apps, taking pictures or videos, playing games... But are we really enjoying the moment when we are busy instagramming it? The article contains a very disturbing video showing the smartphone-addicted world, a very good reminder to put the phone down from time to time...

On Brain Pickings - Alan Lightman on Science and Spirituality
This article presents an essay by Alan Lightman: The Accidental Universe: the World You Thought You Knew, touching the delicate and fascinating question of science and religion. Physicist and atheist, Lightman speaks of these two worlds - the material and the spiritual, the objective and the subjective. It touches the subject of interpretation, the world our minds can create, poses the question of science as the 21st century's religion, and the fascinating topic of truth, reality, faith... The book itself has earned its place in my to-read list.

On Nerd Fitness - For the Love of the Game
In this article, Steve questions the idea of long term goals versus daily progress and enjoying the present moment. After an interview with the famous minimalist blogger Leo Babauta, Steve offers a middle ground between setting long term goals for our lives, and enjoying the daily process, engaging in activities for the pleasure of them - like "sucking at the guitar" as he says.

On Design*Sponge - Practising Mindfulness at Home
I like following Design*Sponge as a source of inspiration for home interiors, or simply to enjoy beautiful pictures, but I am rarely finding myself reading their more lengthy articles with interest. Lately though, they seem to be approaching the subject of mindful consumption, which retained my attention. In this article, the author touches the subject of mindfulness with our homes, and the life cycle of an object beyond our walls - from manufacturing conditions to what happens to what we throw away. Not unlike the initial Story of Stuff video.

On Unlcutterer - Get Rid of the Things that Make you Feel Bad
I'm wondering a lot about emotional attachment to object these days, and this article presents a very interesting view on objects that have a negative emotion attached to it, whatever that is - failed relationship, bad experiences... I can particularly relate to the "buyer's remorse" they mention, keeping a purchase mistake because I paid for it and should be using it and it would be a waste to let it go...

Personal Picture: Louis XIV, Enlightened.  Captured during the yearly Light Festival in Lyon last December, this was taken on place Bellecour, as a light, sound & pyrotechnic animation was organized around the Louis XIV statue. I have a few images from 2013's festival, which I haven't sorted yet. All taken with my iPhone, as I forgot my proper camera at home like an idiot that day.


  1. Glad I have my computer so I can read your blog again. I can't wait to go through your links. Love the picture - looked like a great art show!

    1. Welcome back! I'm glad you're posting again, too :) Lyon's Light festival takes place every year on December 8, and it is a fantastic artistic event indeed. I just curse myself for having forgotten my "real' camera this time around haha.

  2. I turned off lock-screen notifications on my iPhone this week - you know, those that pop up and light up your screen to tell you that you got a like, or a message, a reblog, whatever? So now I have to actively open the app in question to see if anything happened in there. I can't believe the difference it has made, it has probably reduced my smartphone-fidgeting by 50% (rough guesstimate, haha). I highly recommend it :)

    1. I can imagine! I never turned on any of these "push notifications". I hate being interrupted by my phone. But it's true that these little, constant check-ups of the phone, even if each only lasts 30 seconds, can be very time consuming!