26 June 2013

Moments of Happiness

Espresso and good book // my picture

While I am traveling around the world, here is a little photo collection of moments of happiness I have been lucky to experience in June 2013.  Just a graphic way to express gratitude, and enjoy the little moments of joy in life. Above: enjoying a real, strong, black espresso after one week of American coffee (no offense) while reading a great book.

Fresh Flowers and Home-made Cake // my picture

Spreading fresh flowers from the market all over the appartment, making a cinnamon & clove cake, and enjoying a warm slice as a reward for my cooking efforts.

Reading at the Lake // my picture

Jumping out of the appartment at first sun, with sandals and sunglasses, walking to the nearest park, finding a spot near the lake and reading, all afternoon, suspended in time, bathed in children's laughs, splash sounds from swimming dogs and early summer's sun rays.

Serendipitous Concert // my picture

Commuting at the Châtelet station and stumbling upon an improvised live concert. Enjoying the music like in the front row of a concert room.

The second mini-cannelé // my picture

Getting my weekly demi-baguette de pain (bread, not suffering) at my local organic boulangerie, buying a miniature cannelé, and, because it's late and it's the last one, getting the second one for free, with a wide smile from the boulangère. Unexpected kindness from strangers is a rare luxury.

This post is planned, I am probably in a 24 hour flight from Singapore to Montreal right now. Or maybe in Montreal, struggling with epic jetlag. Or somewhere. I'll be back in Paris on the 29th of June, ready and able to respond any comments, or turn into a zombie. I wonder what Jules Verne would have made of it. Le tour du monde en vingt-quatre heures?


  1. Have a great trip to Montreal! A friend of mine lived there for a whole year and she absolutely loved it :)

    This is such a great idea for a post, I should do a similar one. I take photos for instagram all the time after all!

    1. Thanks! I take a lot of pictures of moments I enjoy or places that make me feel something (anything). I suffer from both a bad camera (iPhone...) and a lack of photographic skills, but I try :) Montreal was great by the way, I can imagine your friend had a great time.

  2. I love this post! When other blogs do posts like these, they always focus completely on material things. It's nice to see someone appreciating things like music or reading by the lake.

    Where are your sandals from? I've been looking for a pair like that!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation! The sandals come from a brand called Madewell, I found a store in Santa Monica. They have a website too, but I think they only ship in North America...

  3. Those are lovely rings!

    I hope you have a great time in Montreal! Don't miss the Jazz Festival and I would say, have an ice cream at Delices de l'Erable in the old port!

    1. Thanks for the tips! We walked around the Old Port, it is a beautiful place. I didn't have time to go to the Jazz festival though, it was rainig like hell on my last day there. I would have loved to see it, I love Jazz. If you are around there, I hope you'll enjoy it :)