13 November 2012

Autumn Tidbits

Totoro decoration from Japan // Home made brownie with freshly picked walnuts // Hot chocolate & cinnamon

As we enter deep into November, the second, harder part of Autumn starts here in France. Marked by the daylight savings week-end, this is the beginning of a period of cold weather, dark evenings and naked trees.

A period during which there are a lot of little moments to enjoy and contemplate to avoid feeling overwhelmed by this harsher weather. Here are a few of my Autumnal joys:

  • Putting up seasonal decoration to cosy up my place
  • Cooking seasonal treats with fresh ingredients
  • Drinking hot beverages - such as spiced tea, or hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Enjoying cosy evenings on my couchling with tea + a good read or my Xbox 360
  • Filling the air with the warm scent of my perfume outdoors, or a scented candle at home

Scented candle and perfume from l'Artisan Parfumeur
A cosy evening with tea, console and magazine (+ jazz music if I'm not playing video games)

What are your remedies to approach seasonal changes? Do you enjoy Autumn as much as I do?


  1. For some reason I always love it when I find out my favorite bloggers are also gamers!

    I'm still not completely recovered from my vitamin deficiency and have lately taken up after-dinner-napping, which is made so much easier by the fact that it is dark outside at 5pm. My body just demands relaxation and rest, so I go with it. Netflix has become my new best friend, as has my faux-fur blanket and the real-fur poodle that likes to sleep in the nape of my neck. Things aren't bad at all, all things considered :)

  2. And it's very nice to hear i'm among your favourite bloggers, thank you! I love your blog too, it's simple and very personal.

    I can imagine Autumn and Winter can be hard in Northern Europe, the night falls even earlier than here in Winter right? It's a good thing there is the festive mood of December to help us get through this.