16 October 2012

In a Live Museum

Invalides, Nation (x2), Opéra (my photos)

Having moved to Paris merely three months ago, I am in that blissed period of being both a local living and working here everyday, and an ever amazed tourist. See, when you live somewhere, no matter how stunning the place, habits creep in and you tend to get used to it, blind to the beauties of your surroundings.

Being new here prevents me from that kind of blindess (for now). I walk the streets of Paris like an amazed tourist who flew half a day to get here. After all, Paris is a live museum. Paris is going for a shopping errand in my neighbourhood and stumbling upon the great statues of the Nation square, it is taking a casual week-end walk around the city and witnessing a live piano concert on the street. It is taking a train and discovering an amazing 19th century building as a station. It is going for a charity run and ending up running in a castle park. A. Castle. Park.

Below are a few pictures of bits and moments that amazed me these past three months. Let me enjoy living in a live size museum, while it still amazes me. And a month, a year, ten years from now, I hope I will remember how I feel now and remain forever amazed by this jewel of a city.

Paris is...

... going to the DIY store and stumble upon that (Nation)

... walking in a city park and finding this (jardin du Luxembourg)
... taking a train in this station (Gare de Lyon)
... stepping out from the metro and enjoying a free live piano session (Saint Michel)
... running a 5K in a castle park (Château de Vincennes)
... stopping for coffee in a small street buzzing with activity (Saint Michel)

I am grateful for the chance to live in this city, and I wanted to share this with you. Honestly, living in Paris is worth every penny of the indecent rent of my tiny apartment. After all, this is the hell of a backyard.

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