21 September 2012



Today is officially the first day of Autumn here in the northern hemisphere. Which couldn't make me happier. Tonight, I am going to celebrate by cuddling on my couchling wrapped around a plaid, eating a hot soup, fresh sautéed mushrooms with grilled goat cheese, walnuts and hazelnuts, grapes and a sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon.

Contemplating seasons is not a very strong element of French culture, apart from enjoying seasonal food of course. I learned this simple pleasure through Japanese culture: traditional arts reflect how Japanese people marvel about the changing nature and contemplate all these fleeting moments while they last.

I just like everything about Autumn. Earthy tones and scents, rainy forests of golden red leaves, fresh mushrooms and nuts, the last figs and plums, nutmeg and cinnamon, some hunter's dish with game sautéed in a red vine & mushroom sauce, melted cheese, hot chocolates and spicy tea (or wine).

Source -I just love these leaves' colour, a sort of burgundy red edging toward purple. One of Autumn's colour marvels!
(my personal photo) Apples at the Jardins du Luxembourg's greenhouse

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