09 April 2012

Small Luxuries of Life

Blooming flowers of early Spring

I read that being grateful for what we have brings more happiness than pursuing what we don't. I experienced it to be true, too: enjoying little moments of life is far more pleasant than imagining a future life in which we happily own new stuff. Here are a few luxuries of life that made me happy lately.

Coffee time in a japanese hand-made cup with an Easter chocolate
A slow video game afternoon
My all-time perfume, a great book discovery, a silver necklace created for my birthday by a jewel designer friend
The not empty Easter egg
1. Blooming tree in the city // Around mid-March trees suddenly bloomed all over the city, a nice reminder that Spring was upon us. I spent time admiring the view while walking to the subway on my way to work.

2. Slowing down for coffee time  // My uncle gave me a coffee service from his early days, made in Japan, with magnificent decorations. I enjoy taking time to drink a cup of coffee in these particular cups during the week-end, with a small piece of fine chocolate...

3. Gaming afternoon // I like to spend an afternoon playing video games during the week-end. Immersed in a fantasy universe, it is a very calming and resourcing slow moment, when time doesn't matter anymore...

4. Enjoying a few items I own // Ever since I found my own fragrance, Allure from Chanel, the perfuming moment in the morning is a little joy of life. I discovered a fantastic book this month: "Chagrin d'Ecole" by Daniel Pennac. My jewel designer friend Delphine Carlier crafted me a silver necklace for my birthday. It was a real joy to discover this present because she was spot on: I love the style!

5. The Easter Egg that was not empty // I bought a small sized Easter egg for my own use a few weeks ago, to be open and eaten during the Easter week-end. When I opened it today, I discovered it was actually filled with an assortment of Easter chocolate! We are so used to being fooled by retailers these days that a nice surprise like this is a really pleasant change.

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