09 February 2012

The Beauty of Seasonal Changes

View from my office's terrace in Winter

One of the the things I like most about seasons is the way they subtly shift our everyday life by making the usual look extraordinarily new and exciting.

The scenery is always the same: the view from the bedroom window, the route from home to work, the market street... Yet seasons make all these places look different all over the year: the snows of Winter, the blossoms of Spring, the green and sun from Summer and the red leaves of Autumn as like a reminder of how beautiful our world is.

It's a sort of antidote against boredom, too. I think that, although human beings don't like change, they also don't like being bored. Maybe that's why we fall for consumerism and buy so many new things all the time. I think enjoying the particularities of each season is such a wonderful way to fight everyday life's boredom.

Do I make any sense here? Anyway, bottom line is, I'm enjoying the Winter snow right now.

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